New and heritage Windows 

Sash windows, also known as double hung windows, are a niche specialty of woodwork in which Jack has over 10 years experience. Due to the intricate design of sash windows, they can be complicated to dismantle and reassemble without correct knowledge of the process. Jack’s keen eye and extensive knowledge ensures the correct manufacture of new, bespoke sash windows and the problem solving ability to restore and repair existing windows.

Sash window refurbishment 

Rattling windows? Windows getting jammed?

JS Woodwork offers a ‘refurbishment’ Package for existing troublesome sash windows.

The refurbishment package involves firstly, removing the existing sash window from its frame, addressing any damaged/rotten timber and replacing the frame beading. Windows then need to be draft proofed by fitting a brush seal to the window and beading to ensure zero rattling and draft.

This affordable option will help to improve heat and noise insulation for your home. 

Other sash window services include

  • Sash replacement

  • Frame replacement 

  • Double glazing

  • Running repairs

  • Secondary glazing 

Other window styles include

  • Casement windows

  • Sliding windows 

  • Bifold windows 

  • Gas strut windows